Atex Tablet Ingefugas


The Atex TH20M tablet has been specially designed to be rugged and durable, allowing it to withstand drops, bumps and spills. With an IP67 rating, it is completely dustproof and can withstand being completely submerged in water. This gives you the confidence to use your TH20M tablet anywhere in your business with the security of knowing it won't let you down.

Traditional handheld barcode scanners are being replaced by lightweight, rugged tablets because these TH20M tablets can scan barcodes in addition to any other application that is completed on an Android-based platform.

It extends the device's functionality to other parts of the business where productivity and efficiency improvements may be needed.

This ATEX zone 1 tablet has a large 8 inch screen with very high resolution: 800 x 1280 making it a perfect device for use in the harshest and most demanding conditions on the market. Large battery of 6000mah and 500 cycles of average life.

The TH20M model is free and can be used almost anywhere in the world. With its Android™ 12 operating system, this device is very secure and runs fast, light and efficient thanks to its 8-core processor.

It has 3D Accelerator, electronic compass, proximity sensor, compatible with light sensor.

Own technical service.

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