Portable Detector GX-3R PRO

The world's smallest and lightest portable 5-gas detector. In the same way as its younger brother, the special configuration of the dual sensor allows the detection of two gases in the same sensor, which leads to space savings, allowing to have, in a portable one-person detector, the possibility of detecting up to 5 dangerous gases (LEL / O2 / CO / H2S / SO2 or CO2), being able to be the fifth gas chosen by the user based on the activity to be performed.

The sensors are covered by a three-year warranty, which guarantees a much longer service life than many similar products on the market. They are built in compliance with the corresponding regulations to be used in areas with risk of explosion, resistant to dust and water (IP66/68 classification) and so robust as to withstand falls of up to 7 meters in height.

As in the GX-3R, it has configurable alarm points according to customer guidelines, heat-resistant housing, easy-to-read LCD display, flashing light alarm, vibrating and acoustic alarm and in this case it comes with integrated Bluetooth connection to connect with other Bluetooth devices and thus obtain the readings of the device in other remote devices.

The fallen man function allows the alarm to be given when the operator falls to the ground or remains stationary for a long time, as well as when an accident occurs, the device can send a "panic" type alarm that can even be received remotely.

To download the data sheet, click on this link: GX-3R Pro data sheet

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