Portable Detector GX-3R

Introducing the GX-3R, the world's lightest and smallest single-person portable gas detector, just 100g. The new dual sensor configuration translates into savings in weight and volume, in fact, 30% less compared to previous models, resulting in a detector that does not interfere in the slightest with the work and that can be comfortably carried anywhere. The GAS sensors, which simultaneously detect LEL, O2, H2S and CO are covered by 3 years warranty (performing the indicated maintenance). The GX-3R is water and dust resistant and its robust design can withstand drops up to 7 meters high It has configurable alarm points according to customer guidelines, heat-resistant housing, easy-to-read LCD display, flashing light alarm, vibrating and acoustic alarm. Its rechargeable lithium battery gives it up to 40h of autonomy. To download the data sheet, click on this link: Data sheet GX-3R